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Why You Should Volunteer in College

Although we’re (probably) in college to get a degree that will land us a job, volunteering can be beneficial to all collegiates. There is a lot you can get out of volunteering that can help you in the job hunt and in your personal life.


1. It can boost your resume

There are a couple different ways that volunteering can boost your resume. The first way is that it can widen your skill set. For example, you help a small nonprofit create flyers for their next event. What skills did you learn? Maybe you became proficient in a new program. Maybe you picked up on some marketing and graphic design skills.

Also, many employers like to see volunteer experience on your resume. Although it’s not a requirement, it can give your resume an extra boost.

If you’re looking for ways to include volunteer work on your resume, here are some great ideas!

2. Gain Experience

This goes along with boosting your resume. You can often find volunteer opportunities related to your major/career. If you’re into programming, you can create a website. If you’re into journalism, you can manage a blog for the organization. Take a look at local nonprofits, and you will find that volunteering does not just mean handing out flyers. Find something related to your major or intended career, and add it to your resume!

3. Land a Job

Last job-related one, I promise!

Volunteer work can help you gain connections and build your network. You can meet people from all backgrounds, and you never know who could help get you a job. Also, if you’re volunteering with an organization that relates to your future career, there’s a greater chance that you’ll meet someone who can help you land a job.

Also, there are some hidden skills that are required to help you land a job. Volunteer work can help you build up your soft skills, such as communication skills, that are essential to landing a job.

4. Give back

This is the most common one, but trust me, it’s worth hearing again.

In college, your surrounding community has likely become a part of your experience. So why not give back? You have the means to positively impact the community that has given you so many unforgettable memories.

5. Feel Good

It’s pretty selfish, but giving back does give you some sort of self-satisfaction. After doing something good, you feel better about yourself. Just remember that no matter how great your work was, there’s always more to be done. Don’t just give up on volunteering because you accomplished one goal and felt great about it. Keep going, and keep making a difference.


What are your favorite volunteering experiences? Also, is there anything on this list that I left out? Leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this article, share it using the buttons below!

Also, for my Philly fans, congrats on the Super Bowl, and have fun at the parade! Celebrate, but don’t get arrested! Our birds are flying high this year!


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Volunteer in College”

  1. This is so true! I recently graduated university and landed a real adult job right away because I volunteered throughout university. My friends are all working part-time retail jobs because they have no experience in their field. Volunteering is the #1 thing you should do to boost your resume in college.


  2. This is a topic that is so often overlooked and is a great idea for so many reasons. Volunteering has truly been one of my most educational and rewarding experiences! Great post 🙂


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