My Spring Semester Courses

Hi guys! As the new semester begins, I thought I’d share my schedule with you guys.



Research and Composition

Ah, the universal GenEd: the writing requirement. The workload for this class definitely isn’t bad, but I’m not the biggest fan of the professor. The assignments are simple and short, so I should be fine.

Intro Statistics & Probability

I just got done with a semester of Calc I, so I was hoping for an easier semester this time around. This is an online class, though. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken a class online, so it’ll be a little tough to fit it in with everything else.

Principles of Economics

I’ve always wanted to take an Econ course. I talked to someone who took this last semester, and she really liked it. I think I’ll enjoy this class.

American Foreign Policy

I wanted to take a philosophy course, but I couldn’t get in. So I ended up with this course. I know someone who took a class with this professor last semester, and she really liked his class. It’s more reading than I’ve ever done though, so that’s a bit scary.


This is gonna be a step up from last semester! I’m going to try to stay organized and not fall behind on any readings, but we all know it’s so easy to fall into that. What classes are you guys taking this semester? Share below in the comments!


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