The Super Bowl: Should I Care?

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s asking whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or [insert other team here]. Some go on and on for an hour why their team should win, others give a short response, and some flat out admit they don’t care.

For those who aren’t football fans, the hype around this night can be hard to understand. People prepare their meals and parties weeks ahead. They drop big $$$ on Super Bowl gear. But why?

It’s a difficult concept to understand. At the end of it all, the NFL is just like any other show that’s popular. Except it’s socially acceptable for men to get hype about this.

Maybe you avoid football talk by all means, or maybe you go to Super Bowl parties every year.

So here’s the big question: Should I care?

And the answer is: eh.

I think we all need to watch it at least once. With the commercials getting worse each and every year, you cant even look forward to that. Maybe you’ll watch for the halftime show or the national anthem. Maybe you’ll pretend to care as you’re stuffing your face at a party.

But if you’re not a football person, it’s not the most enjoyable experience. People will talk to you about how that should’ve been a pick six, and you’ll just nod along, not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

If you live in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, or Boston, be on the lookout for some good celebrations (or just funny ones). The energy honestly is unmatched, and if you’re a PA gal like me, you’ll want to see more pictures like people pouring dish soap on poles covered in Crisco just to climb them. Philly goes hard, man. I’m not sure about Boston, but I feel like their celebrations aren’t like ours since they’re so used to it. Bostonians, feel free to prove me wrong!

A great alternative to the Super Bowl is also the Puppy Bowl. Yes, you read that right. Root for some cute puppies instead of sweaty football teams this year.


At the end of it all, unless you’re a football or Justin Timberlake fan, don’t worry about the Super Bowl. Tell people that you don’t care, and don’t be ashamed After all, they probably say the same to you about your favorite tv shows.

Personally, I’ll be screaming and crying my heart out for my birds. We all we got, and we all we need. What about you? What’re your Super Bowl plans?


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