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Why You Need to Budget In College

The “broke college student” stereotype is real for some of us. Although it seems like we’re not real adults yet, budgeting is one aspect of faulting that we should pick up on now. If you need more convincing, keep reading.


1. You’ll have to learn it eventually.

Okay, okay, this may not be the most convincing reason, but hear me out. Each person budgets differently. Some people use their favorite app while others use spreadsheets. This gives you time to figure out how you want to budget your expenses. Don’t be afraid to try different apps, spreadsheets, worksheets, etc. If college is the best time to experiment with everything else, why can’t it be the best time to experiment with budgeting?

2. It’ll help you pay off debt quicker.

Although you likely don’t need to pay off some of your loans until after you graduate, it’s good to start preparing now. Saving some money now can help you put more money towards each month’s bill,  which will help pay it off quicker. Or, you could just save the money as a safety net in case you can’t afford that month’s payment. Either way, it can help pay off debt.

For those of you who are paying off debt while still in college, budgeting can help you put a few extra dollars to each payment or create a safety net just in case you can’t afford a payment. No matter which situation you’re in, budgeting can help you pay off debt quicker.

3. You can save for the future.

Whether your future means the next spring break trip or a plane ticket to move to a new city, budgeting can help you save more for that. Although splurging at the mall is fun, think about how far that money can go towards your future. Saving a few dollars (or even cents) here and there can really add up. Set a budget for your wants, and it’ll pay off in the future.

4. You can buy more now.

Alright, I know I just told you to save for the future, but with budgeting, you can buy more now. Let me explain.

Budgeting forces you to take control of your purchases. If you spend a little less here, you can buy more there. For example, if you pack your lunch three more times a week, you can buy that new sweater that’s been sitting in your cart for two weeks. And who doesn’t want a cute new sweater? Some budgeting can help you buy more of what you want now (within reason). It’s your budget, so you can decide where you can save and where you can spend.


Every person’s budget is different, but that shouldn’t keep you from having one! Budgets are aimed to help you have financial security while still enjoying life. It’s about giving up one thing for another. Overall, budgets are flexible. Create one for yourself, and you’ll see the effects. Subscribe to my email list or follow any of my social media accounts to know when my Budgeting Resources post goes live!

What made you start budgeting? Leave a comment below!


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