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Why You Might Not Need a Planner in College

Planners are often hailed as the solution to all of our time management problems. For people who do not schedule at all, planning can truly help. But there is such a large emphasis (especially in the blogging world) on how planners can change your life.

As someone who uses a planner, I’m skeptical of the idea that planners can revolutionize your schedule. Some people enjoy to write everything down in a planner, and that’s okay. But in reality, planners are not for everyone. And here’s why.


1. Everything’s Digital

Why not keep everything you need online? There are plenty of apps to help us organize our life, from the pre-installed calendar app, Google Calendar, The Homework App, and several others. Many apps also sync from our phones to our laptops, making it even more convenient. All of these are super convenient for college students, especially since most of us never put our phones down. When we’re using our phones and laptops for everything, it makes sense to have a schedule that you can pull up and edit at any time.

2. Everything’s in the Syllabus

The first thing we all (should) do at the start of a new semester is look through the syllabus. After all, all of our important dates and deadlines in there. So why copy them down again? If there’s a date change, we can just write it down on there. And many professors also put the syllabus online, allowing us to access it from absolutely anywhere. Rewriting it all for each and every class can be time consuming and frankly unneeded.

3. They Won’t Fix Organizational Issues

Planners are not always the solution. If you buy a planner because you want to get organized, that’s great. But oftentimes, that planner gets used for one week before being completely forgotten about. If you don’t have the motivation to take control of your time, that brand new planner is not going to help. You need to want to make a change. Simply put, don’t buy a planner if you don’t have the motivation and discipline to get organized in the first place.

4. Over-Planning Can Happen

It’s true. It can actually happen. Some people get hooked on planning and feel that they need to plan out every part of their day, down to the two minutes they spend brushing their teeth in the morning. Although the large majority of us will not hit this stage, it’s something that everyone should be wary of. When using a planner, make sure that you give yourself plenty of free time. Instead of planning every minute, give yourself blocks of time to do whatever you need to do.


Only you can tell if you need a planner. The point of this post was not to tear down planners and the people who use them (I am one of them) but to give the opposing point of view. I believe that everyone should try different methods to help them organize themselves in order to find what works best for you.

Do you use a planner? Why or why not? Share in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Why You Might Not Need a Planner in College”

  1. I totally agree ☺ for years I have been using apps and planners, but in reality I never got into planning, and after some weeks I simply give up. However now I can’t leave without my bullet journal 😱


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